About the SERVICE

Some TIPs on the HERDIZ ANALYSIS service for workshops that make their business core welded manufacturing. HERDIZ ANALYSIS links the updated North American codes of AWS and links to other standards such as ASTM, AISC and Welding Institutes. We have also incorporated some specifications of internationally recognized welding brands. 

The approach to make welded production operations integrally more profitable, efficient and sustainable.

The objective is to increase profits through two aspects: «what you lose in the current operation» and «what you lose in the current operation». 

The scope ranges from consulting to implementation, including required supplies and facilities. 

The strategy in addition to the analysis of the current operation, we can link with the expectations of the sector for the 21st century. 

The Methodology covers more than 25 analysis points that have been enriched with positive aspects during more than 30 years of experience in different workshops and markets. It covers more than 190 aspects that are supported by different engineering methodologies (Industrial, Mechanical, Welding, Maintenance, Economics, Business Administration and Management among others), practical aspects and solutions developed for each workshop. 

The Estimate has no cost. We made a survey of the real situation of the workshop, we identified improvement points and we sent a Memo with the result:  ...we have identified 15 improvement points that can represent a saving of $50,000… Once the client’s interest has been confirmed, we extend the survey, adjust the improvement points and send the Estimate for approval.

The hiring is done once the Estimate is accepted, signed, through a Purchase Order. 

The form of payment is always included % with the hiring, rest to the presentation of the final report but we are flexible with other proposals. 

The Document Delivery is delivered in PDF format and 3 printed copies.

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